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Comprehensive Project Safety Management

Project HSE Management is where TransAtlantic Safety has excelled within industry, for decades clients have been limited to relying on non-specialist recruitment agencies to provide HSE support to their projects.


While at one time an effective solution, as an industry the management of Health and Safety has grown into a multi-disciplinary profession and recruitment agencies simply cannot provide the support function or understanding that clients require to ensure business success or compliance.


TransAtlantic Safety pride ourselves on delivering the most comprehensive health and safety consultancy services on the market to the Construction and Engineering sectors.


The TransAtlantic Safety project management service is the provision of a consultant for the purpose of managing the HSE aspects of your project on your behalf. The guiding principles for the management of the project shall be the applicable legislation.


For UK based projects due to the IR35 reform, all services provided under this contract type shall be deemed inside of IR35.

Total Project Safety Management (TPSM)

TPSM is the flagship service of TransAtlantic Safety, (Total Project Safety Management) is a complete project/facility safety management service that outsources the entire safety management element of projects from construction phase plans and HSE resources through to safety supplies provision with an added benefit of utilizing our industry-leading software program which enables clients to keep track of their projects at the click of a button.


The TPSM service ensures the HSE element of your project or facility is managed by our dedicated project management team, the external off-site management team consists of the following specialisms:


  • CDM Management
  • Occupational Hygienist
  • Fire Risk Management Specialist
  • Occupational Health Physician

The service doesn’t have to stop there…


TransAtlantic Safety Owned Technology


Working Smarter, Not Harder


Clients are expected to and expect to be kept up to date with their project(s) performance regarding Health and Safety.


We also understand that while Health and Safety is of utmost importance the primary focus of any project should be its completion, here as TransAtlantic Safety our consultants manage many aspects of Health and Safety through our internally developed and owned software program (TSS).


This means clients can obtain live data on their projects related to Health and Safety at the click of a button, programmed alerts can be established to inform key personnel of any significant events which allows clients to get on with managing other aspects of their projects while still being informed.


Why use a recruitment agency instead of a dedicated consultancy?


In previous times and in certain situations the use of recruitment consultancies to fill a temporary need makes complete sense. However, when it comes to the management of health and safety in an ever-evolving industry it does not. Recruitment agencies are not specialist in Health and Safety, resourcing yes.


Organisations relying on recruitment agencies to fulfil their health and safety needs are running a great risk of finding themselves in non-compliance or left inadequately supported.


If your TPSM service is a fully contracted service does IR35 apply?


IR35 regulations always apply, however the onus is on us as the client in terms of hiring the consultant and not you as the end client. The TPSM is a fully contracted out service in which we are responsible for the management of HSE and meeting the project deliverables. How we achieve this process is at our discretion. However using this model we do not have to apply additional fees to cover IR35 fees.


Are project safety management and TPSM separate services


Yes, project safety management as a singular service is the placement of a dedicated HSE consultant into your project or facility to assist in the management of your project. Meanwhile TPSM is Total Project Safety Management, with the TPSM service the difference is that the dedicated consultant and your organization has access to CDM, Occupational Hygiene, Fire specialists & Occupational Health which is a much more comprehensive service. All this as well as having access to TSS.


What is TPSM?


TPSM is Total Project Safety Management, with the TPSM service the difference is that the dedicated consultant and your organization has access to CDM, Occupational Hygiene, Fire specialists, Occupational Health and legal support which is a much more comprehensive service.


Health and Safety management in previous times was conducted by a singular professional known as a general practitioner, in recent years however the profession has become branched out due to technical advances and it is recognized that a singular person can no longer fulfill the full requirements of clients.


TransAtlantic safety recognized that the majority of clients cannot hire five different professionals without incurring significant costs, instead we hire the multidisciplinary team and provide our clients access to the entire team through the TPSM service.


Can we utilize the TSS Software without the project management service?


TransAtlantic Safety grants inclusive access to the TSS platform for our TPSM clients at no additional cost as part of our service. However, many clients who are already resourced utilize our TSS program as a tool for their operations without any issues.



Why are you different from Recruitment Agencies?


We know and understand your business, we are a dedicated Risk management consultancy. We are devoted to providing our clients with the most comprehensive and professional services on the market, recruitment consultancies cannot offer that.


Can you provide project HSE management services globally?


Yes, and we do! We often have various consultants located on international projects at any one time. We are currently or have worked in the following countries UK, Germany, Spain, Portugal, Denmark, Norway, Poland, Africa, Cambodia, Thailand, USA, Mexico, Guatemala , Brazil.


What qualifications do your consultant have?


That’s entirely your choice when engaging a project consultant through TransAtlantic Safety you as the client are in charge, you determine your needs. We assist and guide where requested but you ask we supply.


Our project management support teams hold various qualifications, ranging from construction and engineering degrees, Fire Engineering and Science qualifications, Health and Safety, Process Safety, and Industrial Hygiene qualifications. With a vast array of qualifications and experience, we are able to assure a world-class service.


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