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Here at TransAtlantic Safety, our competent person service differs from almost all within the industry. We do not add items that serve as an upsell to our business, often done by adding a gap analysis or policy review. If you do not have a policy or require a gap analysis, then of course we fulfill that need however selling an undesired product serves no advantage to us.


A competent person is someone with the necessary skills, knowledge, and experience to manage health and safety. Our health and safety consultants at TransAtlantic Safety has the skills, knowledge, and experience within the construction and engineering sectors to take on the role of a competent person however the exact nature of the services required are at the discretion of the customer.

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Health and Safety Competent Person FAQs

What is a competent person in health and safety?

A competent person in health and safety is an individual who possesses the necessary skills, knowledge, and experience to effectively manage health and safety matters.

Who should appoint a competent person to take charge of health and safety?

The responsibility of appointing a competent person to take charge of health and safety lies with those in positions of authority within an organisation. It is the duty of employers, business owners, or project managers to recognise the importance of health and safety and to select a competent person who possesses the necessary skills, knowledge, and experience.

Why Do You Need a Health and Safety Competent Person?

A health and safety competent person is essential for several reasons. Firstly, having a competent person in place ensures the well-being and safety of everyone involved, including employees, visitors, and stakeholders. By employing a competent person, organisations can proactively identify potential risks, implement appropriate control measures, and ensure compliance with legal requirements. Additionally, a competent person provides guidance and support to employees, establishes effective safety policies and procedures, conducts regular inspections and audits, and fosters a culture of safety within the organisation.

What are the Requirements of a Health and Safety Competent Person?

The requirements for a competent person in health and safety are as follows:

  1. Applicable knowledge: A competent person must possess knowledge that can be effectively applied in practical, real-life situations. This knowledge should encompass a wide range of health and safety aspects relevant to the specific industry and workplace.
  2. Skills and technical ability: The competent person should possess skills and technical expertise to develop effective solutions to health and safety problems. They should be able to assess risks, devise appropriate control measures, and implement them efficiently.
  3. Practical experience: Practical experience is invaluable in building competence. A competent person should have practical experience in managing health and safety in various workplace scenarios. This experience helps them understand the challenges and develop effective strategies to ensure safety.
  4. Familiarity with the organization and sector: The competent person should be familiar with the specific organization, its work processes, and the sector in which it operates. This familiarity allows them to understand the unique hazards and risks associated with the industry and tailor health and safety measures accordingly.
  5. Authority and influence: A competent person should have the authority to promptly address and correct any hazards they identify. They should also possess the ability to influence relevant stakeholders to take necessary actions to mitigate risks and ensure compliance with health and safety requirements.

The level of competence required may vary depending on the complexity of the situation and the specific needs of the organization. Industries that involve complex work or operate within highly regulated sectors typically demand higher levels of training, knowledge, experience, and problem-solving abilities from their competent person.

At TransAtlantic Safety, we understand the significance of these requirements and ensure that our health and safety consultants possess the necessary qualifications, experience, and expertise to fulfil the role of a competent person effectively.