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In our years of managing projects across the globe our health and safety consultants have noticed a similar set of questions exist in almost all projects; how do we efficiently monitor the performance of Health and Safety? How do we efficiently present this information to senior leadership without scrolling through PowerPoint presentations of little substance?  And thirdly, how do we know we are focusing our efforts in the right areas with limited resources?


TransAtlantic Safety developed our own health and safety management software program as an answer and solution to all three common challenges. 


Observations – HSE professionals, project management and project supervision are given their own profiles and access to the TransAtlantic Safety App. Through this app operatives make HSE related observations.


Incidents – Despite all efforts being made, Incidents do occur. Operatives through the App can create a flash alert that provides initial and immediate notification of any incident. 


Data Logging – During any project there is a significant amount of admin work for the collecting of project data such as manpower reports, incident data, and worked hours to name a few. Through the TransAtlantic Safety App contractors are able to upload weekly data at the click of a button reducing Significant amounts of administrative work.


Reporting – The pinnacle of our TSS program is the live dashboard. Senior leadership no longer needs to sit through monthly meetings or scroll through month-old data via PowerPoint presentations. All information captured within the app automatically populates the live KPI dashboard within seconds. Simply having the dashboard open on their web browser ensures leadership is well-informed.


Observations are tracked and categorized within the KPI dashboard allowing for immediate scrutiny, this allows teams to identify and focus on the key risk areas of the project. 

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